Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Letterman Hypothesis

David Letterman finds himself in a situation, thanks to making tasteless jokes about Sarah Palin's daughter(s). I won't go into a longwinded discussion of whether or not the jokes were appropriate (they weren't) or tasteful (what, are you kidding me?), but I will discuss the reasoning behind his apology, (or non-apology) for them.

What Letterman has to do is admit one of three things;

1. He is a moron

2. He is scum

3. He thinks his audience are one or the other

Now he claims that the A Rod knocking up Sarah Palin's daughter joke was meant for Bristol Palin, which begs the question whether or not making jokes about 18 year old daughters of politicians is acceptable or not, but the slightest bit of research would have given him the information that Bristol WASN'T THERE, Willow the 14 year old was. So, with this in mind, he either has to admit that he is a moron for not doing the basic research, scum for telling a statutory rape joke about an underage teen girl, or that his audience is too too uninformed to know which daughter was present, or lowlifes like himself and appreciate a good statutory rape joke.

So far, he seems to be going with the moron defense, claiming that the joke was meant to be about Bristol. I don't buy it, but let's see how far it takes him...

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