Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One chart to rule them all...

I found a chart which shuts the mouths of any semi-rational defender of Obama when it is shown to them. Most, when confronted with the defecits that all Obama's new spending will cause, say something like; "Well Bush ran terrible defecits too. Obama's just cleaning up the mess he made." True, Bush ran defecits, spending WAY too much money on things he should not have. But the problem is NOT the defecits, it's the amount.

Remember, all those who voted this man into the Presidency, and this Congress into office. YOU VOTED FOR THIS. Whether or not you thought you were getting this, no matter that you ignored the warnings NOT to vote for a complete cipher, you went ahead and voted this for yourselves, your children, and you grandchildren. And not only yours, but mine and every other citizens as well, those who told you this was a bad idea. We are ALL now going to be burdened with MASSIVE government debt for decades down the line.
But remember, you wanted this, so YOU own it...


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