Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The lefts continuing defense of traitors laid bare

Izzy Stone was a lefty journalist that was accused of being a paid operative of the Soviet Union. Many on the Left screamed and cried about this, how unfair it was, that his accusers were evil men. Turns out, they were all wrong, and I.F. Stone was a traitor...

How does this have anything to do with today? The Left for years defended with all their might ACTUAL TRAITORS to their country, and today, are calling people on the Right traitors for merely disagreeing with them, and working against them. Seems the Left in this country doesn't know the actual definition of treason...

Anyone who aided, supported, or actually spied for the Soviets should have been expelled or executed, anyone who supported or defended them should have been imprisoned, or whipped from the public square, never to show their face again. The USSR was EVIL, and anyone who helped, supported or even sympathized with it are evil as well. Which makes the founders of the modern Progressive movement evil. Who knew?

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