Sunday, October 19, 2008

Class or classless?

Darleen, over at the Protein Wisdom Pub, links to an article about the REAL issue in this Presidential race, and guess what? It's NOT race!

This is something I've been saying to most of the people I know, that McCain, and ESPECIALLY Sarah Palin, are not of the class that our "betters" like, or would allow to be elected. Even the Conservative Punditry, who basically live amongst their Liberal and Far-Left counterparts, are wary of "Flyover Country". They might want our votes, but THEY DON'T WANT US! To them, and all of the lefty Brie and White Whine crowd they hang out with, we are barely human, and the Conservapundits only have time for us when they are USING us to make some point against their liberal friends.

In other words, most of the establishment conservapundits are as bad for us as their Liberal buddies, and class WILL stick to its own, whether they agree on the finer points of ideology or not. Time to kick the class haters to the curb...

And remember; I AM JOE!


First, read this excellant post by Iowahawk:

Why, oh why, do the Main Stream Media and Democratic political operatives get to practically anally probe a PRIVATE FRACKING CITIZEN, whose only apparent crime is that he had the temerity to ask Obama a question that he and they didn't like?

The answer is that they don't, not without all of us letting them.

If they get to silence by intimidation just one of us, that means that they can do it to ALL of us. If Obama can't take just one average American asking him a tough question, without siccing the hounds of the press, leftblogs, and the Democratic Party as a whole on him, how is he going to take it when he's actually President, when we are going to demand a LOT more answers? An attack on an average citizen, who was merely exercising his right to find out more from a man who is asking to be our President, is much more. It is an attempt to silence not just Joe Wurzlebacher, but ALL of us who would question Obama, the Democratic majority in Congress, or any of the people in power. Attempting to silence one of us is an attack on us all. We are Joe... I AM JOE.

This is for the news media and those political operatives who have engaged in this behavior. Attacking and attempting to destroy politicians is one thing. They, after all, volunteer to be put under this kind of scrutiny. But attacking a private citizen who asks a question you don't approve of is another thing entirely, and completely unacceptable. So stop it, just stop. Or the mockery you've already made of your professions will get even worse, and we'll have to stop you.