Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chinese setback?

First, the article: (

China has been making big inroads into Africa over the past decade, and this is not an unexpected (from my point of view) result. The Chinese have the same 'ride roughshod over the locals' attitude in their Communo-Capitalism as the Russians did in their quest for hegemony, only with less Vodka and more screeching violin music. Maybe this and other problems they will almost certainly face in the future will curb that a little... Maybe.

The Problem with Islam...

One of many, is that it does not play well with others. You can BE a Christian or Jew under Islamic rule (but nothing else), but you must be quiet about it, and must follow their rules.

An example: (

Note that he is a Roman Catholic, but still charged and convicted under Sharia law. And Gods know what happened to his poor girlfriend, she's probably dead by the hand of one of her male relatives by now, to defend the families "honor".

I am coming to the point of belief that, unless and until Islam learns to live with other faiths as an equal, and letstheir belief system stand up for itself against other religious faiths, without killing those who disagree, then it must either be, quarantined or eliminated.