Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Letterman Hypothesis

David Letterman finds himself in a situation, thanks to making tasteless jokes about Sarah Palin's daughter(s). I won't go into a longwinded discussion of whether or not the jokes were appropriate (they weren't) or tasteful (what, are you kidding me?), but I will discuss the reasoning behind his apology, (or non-apology) for them.

What Letterman has to do is admit one of three things;

1. He is a moron

2. He is scum

3. He thinks his audience are one or the other

Now he claims that the A Rod knocking up Sarah Palin's daughter joke was meant for Bristol Palin, which begs the question whether or not making jokes about 18 year old daughters of politicians is acceptable or not, but the slightest bit of research would have given him the information that Bristol WASN'T THERE, Willow the 14 year old was. So, with this in mind, he either has to admit that he is a moron for not doing the basic research, scum for telling a statutory rape joke about an underage teen girl, or that his audience is too too uninformed to know which daughter was present, or lowlifes like himself and appreciate a good statutory rape joke.

So far, he seems to be going with the moron defense, claiming that the joke was meant to be about Bristol. I don't buy it, but let's see how far it takes him...

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why demographics are important...

Steyn makes a very good point, as he usually does. There are a number of reasons why having children is important, only some of them are population growth. Without new people to replace you, and to add to the population, your economy CANNOT grow. The only way you can pay for Euro-style social spending is to have someone to tax. No children, no productive immigration, no new taxes, which means increased public debt, increased tax burden on the remaining working populace, and ever-increasing burdens on an already over-burdened system.

All this is econ 101, and a basic knowledge of demographics. Funny that the leadership in these countries never studied...

The lefts continuing defense of traitors laid bare

Izzy Stone was a lefty journalist that was accused of being a paid operative of the Soviet Union. Many on the Left screamed and cried about this, how unfair it was, that his accusers were evil men. Turns out, they were all wrong, and I.F. Stone was a traitor...

How does this have anything to do with today? The Left for years defended with all their might ACTUAL TRAITORS to their country, and today, are calling people on the Right traitors for merely disagreeing with them, and working against them. Seems the Left in this country doesn't know the actual definition of treason...

Anyone who aided, supported, or actually spied for the Soviets should have been expelled or executed, anyone who supported or defended them should have been imprisoned, or whipped from the public square, never to show their face again. The USSR was EVIL, and anyone who helped, supported or even sympathized with it are evil as well. Which makes the founders of the modern Progressive movement evil. Who knew?

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One chart to rule them all...

I found a chart which shuts the mouths of any semi-rational defender of Obama when it is shown to them. Most, when confronted with the defecits that all Obama's new spending will cause, say something like; "Well Bush ran terrible defecits too. Obama's just cleaning up the mess he made." True, Bush ran defecits, spending WAY too much money on things he should not have. But the problem is NOT the defecits, it's the amount.

Remember, all those who voted this man into the Presidency, and this Congress into office. YOU VOTED FOR THIS. Whether or not you thought you were getting this, no matter that you ignored the warnings NOT to vote for a complete cipher, you went ahead and voted this for yourselves, your children, and you grandchildren. And not only yours, but mine and every other citizens as well, those who told you this was a bad idea. We are ALL now going to be burdened with MASSIVE government debt for decades down the line.
But remember, you wanted this, so YOU own it...

What Obama is made of...

I haven't posted or commented here for a while, for good reason. I was determined after the election to give our new President at least a few months to prove himself, to see whether or not he was better than I feared, or worse.

Well, I think so far he has proven himself as bad as I thought he would be. From pathetic fumblings with appointees, to absurd protocol miscues when dealing with our best allies, to his almost maniacal desire to have people who have hated us for years fall in love with us, to his bowing before a monarch, to his back door attempt at nationalization of private companies, to his ham-handed attempts to take credit for the SEALS take down of the Somali Pirate hostage situation, he has proved just one thing.


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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Class or classless?

Darleen, over at the Protein Wisdom Pub, links to an article about the REAL issue in this Presidential race, and guess what? It's NOT race!

This is something I've been saying to most of the people I know, that McCain, and ESPECIALLY Sarah Palin, are not of the class that our "betters" like, or would allow to be elected. Even the Conservative Punditry, who basically live amongst their Liberal and Far-Left counterparts, are wary of "Flyover Country". They might want our votes, but THEY DON'T WANT US! To them, and all of the lefty Brie and White Whine crowd they hang out with, we are barely human, and the Conservapundits only have time for us when they are USING us to make some point against their liberal friends.

In other words, most of the establishment conservapundits are as bad for us as their Liberal buddies, and class WILL stick to its own, whether they agree on the finer points of ideology or not. Time to kick the class haters to the curb...

And remember; I AM JOE!


First, read this excellant post by Iowahawk:

Why, oh why, do the Main Stream Media and Democratic political operatives get to practically anally probe a PRIVATE FRACKING CITIZEN, whose only apparent crime is that he had the temerity to ask Obama a question that he and they didn't like?

The answer is that they don't, not without all of us letting them.

If they get to silence by intimidation just one of us, that means that they can do it to ALL of us. If Obama can't take just one average American asking him a tough question, without siccing the hounds of the press, leftblogs, and the Democratic Party as a whole on him, how is he going to take it when he's actually President, when we are going to demand a LOT more answers? An attack on an average citizen, who was merely exercising his right to find out more from a man who is asking to be our President, is much more. It is an attempt to silence not just Joe Wurzlebacher, but ALL of us who would question Obama, the Democratic majority in Congress, or any of the people in power. Attempting to silence one of us is an attack on us all. We are Joe... I AM JOE.

This is for the news media and those political operatives who have engaged in this behavior. Attacking and attempting to destroy politicians is one thing. They, after all, volunteer to be put under this kind of scrutiny. But attacking a private citizen who asks a question you don't approve of is another thing entirely, and completely unacceptable. So stop it, just stop. Or the mockery you've already made of your professions will get even worse, and we'll have to stop you.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chinese setback?

First, the article: (

China has been making big inroads into Africa over the past decade, and this is not an unexpected (from my point of view) result. The Chinese have the same 'ride roughshod over the locals' attitude in their Communo-Capitalism as the Russians did in their quest for hegemony, only with less Vodka and more screeching violin music. Maybe this and other problems they will almost certainly face in the future will curb that a little... Maybe.

The Problem with Islam...

One of many, is that it does not play well with others. You can BE a Christian or Jew under Islamic rule (but nothing else), but you must be quiet about it, and must follow their rules.

An example: (

Note that he is a Roman Catholic, but still charged and convicted under Sharia law. And Gods know what happened to his poor girlfriend, she's probably dead by the hand of one of her male relatives by now, to defend the families "honor".

I am coming to the point of belief that, unless and until Islam learns to live with other faiths as an equal, and letstheir belief system stand up for itself against other religious faiths, without killing those who disagree, then it must either be, quarantined or eliminated.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sen. Silky Pony Strikes Again!

John Edwards new health care plan, use the IRS to ENFORCE health care coverage!

A beautiful plan, if by beautiful you mean government holding a gun to your head to FORCE you to do something that they want you to. And simple as well, since they wouldn't need to create a Health Care Police force, to investigate failures to follow government rules on having coverage, they just leave it up to the current bureaucracy!

Simple, elegant, fascist...

Gentry Liberalism

First read the LA Times article;


The idea of a "gifted" intellectual elite running the country, ostensibly for every ones benefit, but in actuality for their own narrow interests, is a very dangerous one. It leads to a intellectual oligarchy, which is no better than any other non-democratic government, and may in fact be much worse, depending on the biases of the oligarchs.

Government "of the best and brightest" has been tried before, and in this country. The Kennedy and the Johnson administrations tried to run a war like that (Vietnam), and it worked out SO well, that Vietnam is free today. Oh, wait...

Imagine Hillary Clinton (gods forbid) gets the White House, and gets to start her "Government Academy". The permanent government (the perpetual bureaucracy) is already pretty close to fully in this camp already (look at the war between the White House and the CIA and State). When her "best and brightest" begin to emerge from her academy, all shiny and new, with heads all stuffed full of good thoughts, and begin to take their places in the government, it will get much, MUCH worse. How many horrors will be perpetrated against citizens in this country, for their own good of course.

Gentry Liberalism is, of course a mostly coastal, urban phenomenon, with some minor exceptions. Which also gives it another stress point in the political dynamic in this country. There is an attitude among urban dwellers, especially the urban elites, to think of anyone who lives in "Flyover Country" as barely literate mouth-breathers, who are just too stupid to take care of themselves. If these types take over complete political control, they will of course listen to the rural stupid, pat them gently on their soft little heads, and then do what whatever THEY want to do, regardless. Which the rural stupid, not being stupid at all, won't take very well. Guess what happens then?

I would prefer to not settle political differences in this country at gunpoint, but if the "best and brightest" don't acknowledge that everyone has the right to participate and be represented in our government, and so far they only seem to pay lip service to that sentiment, then it will be inevitable...

Monday, November 26, 2007

I Want One!

This is too cool!

Now, take the heavily armored one, add an over-the-shoulder missile launcher, and a .50 cal MG, and I'll be all set...

Yeah, Border Security has NOTHING to do with the War on Terror...

Read this first:

Now tell me why we shouldn't put a mile-high rence along the whole border? Mexican Drug-Smugglers and Middle Eastern Terrorist cooperating, how nice. Isn't this exactly what the close the border advocates have been saying all along?