Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sen. Silky Pony Strikes Again!

John Edwards new health care plan, use the IRS to ENFORCE health care coverage!

A beautiful plan, if by beautiful you mean government holding a gun to your head to FORCE you to do something that they want you to. And simple as well, since they wouldn't need to create a Health Care Police force, to investigate failures to follow government rules on having coverage, they just leave it up to the current bureaucracy!

Simple, elegant, fascist...

Gentry Liberalism

First read the LA Times article;


The idea of a "gifted" intellectual elite running the country, ostensibly for every ones benefit, but in actuality for their own narrow interests, is a very dangerous one. It leads to a intellectual oligarchy, which is no better than any other non-democratic government, and may in fact be much worse, depending on the biases of the oligarchs.

Government "of the best and brightest" has been tried before, and in this country. The Kennedy and the Johnson administrations tried to run a war like that (Vietnam), and it worked out SO well, that Vietnam is free today. Oh, wait...

Imagine Hillary Clinton (gods forbid) gets the White House, and gets to start her "Government Academy". The permanent government (the perpetual bureaucracy) is already pretty close to fully in this camp already (look at the war between the White House and the CIA and State). When her "best and brightest" begin to emerge from her academy, all shiny and new, with heads all stuffed full of good thoughts, and begin to take their places in the government, it will get much, MUCH worse. How many horrors will be perpetrated against citizens in this country, for their own good of course.

Gentry Liberalism is, of course a mostly coastal, urban phenomenon, with some minor exceptions. Which also gives it another stress point in the political dynamic in this country. There is an attitude among urban dwellers, especially the urban elites, to think of anyone who lives in "Flyover Country" as barely literate mouth-breathers, who are just too stupid to take care of themselves. If these types take over complete political control, they will of course listen to the rural stupid, pat them gently on their soft little heads, and then do what whatever THEY want to do, regardless. Which the rural stupid, not being stupid at all, won't take very well. Guess what happens then?

I would prefer to not settle political differences in this country at gunpoint, but if the "best and brightest" don't acknowledge that everyone has the right to participate and be represented in our government, and so far they only seem to pay lip service to that sentiment, then it will be inevitable...